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Penrose Stairs will be performing at Reggie's Music Joint in Chicago tomorrow night, accompanied by the incredibly awesome middle-eastern  rock group Mano and special guests New Constellations. This will be a big show with a bunch of NEW STUFF. We have some new songs, some new additions to our live lineup, and a new LED lighting setup that is guaranteed to make you flip your lid.
Oh, and it will only cost you 5 dollars. Pretty sweet deal! Hope to see you there.


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You can come see us this Friday at Jerry's in Chicago with Ono and Hedgehog And The Fox . We will be unveiling a new addition to our live show for the first time, and might not be playing any more shows until early next year, so this is not the one to skip. Hope to see y o u there!

It's official; Penrose Stairs and Elevator to Mars will be playing together with special guest Aaron Zimmer at the Tonic Room in Chicago on June 18th. This will be your last chance to see us until August, so we hope to see plenty of our Chicago friends there. Doors open at 8:00 pm. See you there!

Penrose Stairs will be playing live next Friday at Bobby McGee's in Crest Hill as part of their local band showcase. We will also be playing live with ELEVATOR TO MARS on June 18th at The Tonic Room in Chicago, IL, and are working out details for another show on June 6th in Lake Villa, IL (more details to come.)
We are in the midst of wrapping up production on our first full-length album, which will be released later this year, and will be announcing tour dates and lots of free downloads and other promo goodies in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on us at

Tonight we will be playing a free show at Bada Brew in Crest Hill, IL and celebrating bassist/noisemaker/all around badass Pat Daley's birthday. We will be playing some new stuff, some old stuff, and some stuff we didn't even write.
Come out and see some freaky, angry, trippy, creepy, crazy music!
802 Theodore St, Crest Hill, IL.10pm. See you there.

Thanks to everyone who has been listening to and spreading the good (or bad) word about our newest album SPIDER ISLAND. For the next week we are having a holiday discount and selling it for only $5.99 so if you haven't gotten it yet then here's another opportunity to get it cheap.

Our new album SPIDER ISLAND is released for download today, and for a limited time will only cost you $3.33! Considering Spider Island contains just over 33 minutes of music, that's basically 10 cents for every minute of music on the record. In other words, stupid cheap. And you get 320 kbps mp3 files, higher resolution than anything you can get from Itunes. Or, if you'd rather download lossless WAV files, those are available for the same price. Both the mp3 and Wav versions can be purchased by clicking here, or on the STORE tab in the top menu bar. So get it now before we realize how insane this is and change our minds!

And for those of you who are on the fence, you can stream (or purchase) the whole album in mp3 instantly from the music player at the right.

A little info about SPIDER ISLAND:

Firstly, this record is creepy, freaky, scary, trippy, noisy, and all-around weird. It’s also sometimes beautiful. It would make great meditation music for people who like to feel like their brains are melting. Some say it would be great background music for a really intense horror movie or game.  It could also be used as dance music for a nightclub in Dante’s Inferno.
SPIDER ISLAND came to us mostly through improvisation sessions, but is not really of our own creation. We were working on a completely different album that will be released early next year, when some sort of force intervened and demanded that we stop all work in order to create SPIDER ISLAND. We don’t know where it came from, but nearly all of the people involved in this project experienced a bizarre level of actual spider activity during its creation. Waking up with spiders crawling on their bodies, giant strands of spider web found linking objects and walls over ten feet apart, and even getting spider webs in our faces and hair when there wasn’t anything nearby for a web to be attached to. We can’t guarantee that this won’t happen to you during or after your listening experience, so consider yourself warned.

Secondly, our music has a strange tendency to feature the number 33 and similar numbers such as 333. For example, the total length of SPIDER ISLAND is 33 minutes, and 33.333 seconds. This was not planned and in fact happened during the final stages of mastering. (One bizarre thing to be aware of is that there are 33 degrees of Freemasonry, an organization which some claim secretly worships a giant three-headed spider named Jahbulon.) We encourage you to look for other examples of these numbers in our music and elsewhere and tell us about them, as we have probably missed some. 
Finally, your purchase entitles you to do whatever you want with SPIDER ISLAND. These files belong to you. Feel free to burn it to CD, give it to friends, etc. We will never come after anyone for listening to our music (but we might if you delete it!) Considering how weird this album is, we’re just happy that people are enjoying it. It is probably the strangest thing any of us has ever been involved in making.

There will probably never be an official CD release, but we do plan on having a limited number of vinyl records pressed because we love the sound of vinyl so very much. Also, we can’t pass up the chance to have our music printed on something that makes 33 and 1/3 revolutions per minute.

Enjoy! ...and try not to get too freaked out. It's just a ride.

Our new Psychedelic/Electronic/Ambient freakout of an LP, "Spider Island," will be joining you in your living room, bedroom, car, and maybe even your bathroom on November 6th.

Join our mailing list before midnight on the 5th to get your free download code.

Stay tuned.

Cover art for our upcoming LP SPIDER ISLAND:


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